niedziela, 13 marca 2011

bez moich słów

Moja znajoma Japonka napisała 5 godz.temu:

Polyの仲間たちへ。私の住む町、札幌は今回の大震災の影響を受けずに、私の生活もまだ平穏です。My dear Poly Friends. My home town,Sapporo where I lived did not undertake the influence of this Great earthquake directly. Then,my life here is still peaceful.
However, many people in my country are in the major tragedy dressing and exist. In my observation, it seems that 10000 people or more died of this great earthquake. This first tragedy is still progressing.
And, the second tragedy is progressing in Japan now.
It is a possibility of depending on the collapse of the nuclear plant that a lot of people are polluted by the radioactivity.
Everybody who loves Japanese with Japan,Please wish for this tragedy not to grow further.

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